Iqbal Tamimi – The Zionists Gave God a Bad Name

Posted: 27 Jul 2008 06:55 PM CDT

Part one of a report: Some people do not know much about the suffering of Palestinians. Most Israelis suggested over and over again that they have the right to live in Palestine and kick its people out. The Jewish people came from all over the world without any connection to Palestine but a promise under their armpits.

They claim that Palestine was given to the Jews 2000 years ago… by God.
They claim God promised that they could have Palestine regardless of where they came from, or whether or not they are practicing Judaism. They just inherit this promise because they are extra special people. Inheritance here has nothing to do with blood relationships, if you are from the Land of Oz and you claim to be a Jew, you have all the right to pack your stuff, including your dentures, and get on the first flight to Palestine, and have a go at any Palestinian you encounter. You can start by massacring the people, and then you can build your own home from their children’s bones.

It seems that when God created mankind he took some of the dough on the side, and added to it a secret special ingredient and gave it a little whisper to make the Jews his own chosen nation. It could have been anything… but God only knows why they make him look like a biased God. A God who created everyone, but enjoys seeing some who are supposed to be his own, chewing the flesh of others who were also created by him, and still gain his blessing.

The Scenario the Zionists created of God has stripped him of any kind of mercy. By the way, God’s chosen people were not supposed to do anything to earn this privilege or honour. They can just say the magic words “I am a Jew”, and then all will be well.

They are even feeling chosen enough to a point they know for sure that they can commit all atrocities against other races, and the Almighty will allow them to do so because they are his chosen spoiled rotten nation.

It seems they do not have to do anything to take other people’s lands and properties; they do not even have to produce a document to cancel all the documents the Palestinians have for owning their homes and land for 2000 years. God seems to promise to give some people other people’s properties…just because he loves them; he has chosen them 2000 years ago. And regardless of their achievements, or barbarism, they claim that God, the just God, has promised them they can come at any time they chose, from all over the world and steal other people’s homes. I wonder why God did not come with this idea of creating his own chosen people earlier.
Those same chosen people who came from Russia, USA, EU countries suggest that the Palestinians should find themselves another place to live in. They even suggested that because Palestinians speak the Arabic language that they should go and live in any other Arabic speaking country.

This is embarrassing even for God. I mean, God is expected at least to advise them to invite others to live with them as guests. If they were really the owners of the land, he could have advised them to share what they found. Or even tell them, “well the people who happen to worship me, like Christians and Muslims, can stay.”

So, if we can apply the Jewish approach of handling things, then Muslims can now go and claim Spain as their homeland since they ruled there for a few hundred years. And anyone who claims that his God promised him a land can go and massacre the people of that land by the name of his God. I think many people would suggest that their God promised them Hawaii or Monaco. I wonder which nation God promised to occupy the USA!

Religion is a great thing, people can use it and abuse it in any way they choose to get their hands on whatever they like, and then when anyone opposes, God’s name will be brought up like a veto card.

Imagine that you are living in the Moomoo land and because you speak English, some aliens will suggest that you should go and claim England as your own land.

Thank God that I knew Judaism through Qur’an and that’s why I think we are supposed to be brothers, not through the Jews who smeared his name in such a way, should he apply to any humane group he will be denied membership.

I will just talk about the story of a group of Palestinians who were forced because of the Jewish mentality to end up refugees over and over again, and now they are in the desert, in camps on the borders of Iraq.

The story starts almost here…… I will continue later….


POPULATION-MIDEAST: Israel Fears the Womb More Than the Bomb
By Peter Hirschberg

JERUSALEM, Jul 10 (IPS) – Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has laid it out in the starkest possible terms for his fellow Israelis. If they do not relinquish control of the occupied territories, he has warned them, Israel will ultimately cease to exist as a Jewish and democratic state.

If Israel does not extract itself from the West Bank and a Palestinian state is not established alongside the Jewish state, he said in an interview late last year, Israel will find itself trapped in an apartheid-like reality. “The day will come when the two-state solution collapses and we face a South African-style struggle for equal voting rights,” he said. “As soon as that happens, the state of Israel is finished.”

Olmert’s conviction is driven by what many Israelis call “the demographic threat” — a scenario in which Arabs, due to their higher birth rates, outnumber Jews in the geographic area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, which includes Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Once the demographic balance tilts against Israeli Jews, Olmert has warned, they will find themselves in a quandary in which a Jewish minority rules over an Arab majority. When that happens, he explained, Israel will be confronted by a battle it cannot win: Palestinians will abandon their demand for a separate, independent state in the West Bank and Gaza and instead will demand one-person, one-vote in a single state — a demand that will become irresistible within the international community, as happened with South Africa.

Demographics have always been at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Leaders have brandished fertility rates as if they were loaded guns. Most famous for this was late Palestinian Authority president Yasser Arafat, who coined the adage that the Palestinians’ most potent weapon was the womb — a statement that increased skepticism amongst Israelis of his readiness to reach a peace agreement.

The mass flight of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from the fledgling Jewish state during the 1948 Mideast war and the mass migration of Jews to Israel in the late 1940s and early 1950s ensured a large Jewish majority in Israel. Today, almost all Israelis oppose the Palestinian demand for the “right of return” for refugees, believing this would see Israel swamped by millions of returning Palestinians, and would spell the end of the Jewish state.

The demographic reality changed again when Israel captured the West Bank and Gaza, which were inhabited by hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, in the 1967 war, and subsequently began to build Jewish settlements there. Now, for Israel, the demographic implications of that settlement policy are coming home to roost.

Israel’s population, including 270,000 settlers living in the West Bank, stands at close to 7.3 million. Of those, 5.5 million are Jews and another 300,000 are the spouses of Jews — most from the former Soviet Union who came during the period of mass immigration in the 1990s — who tend to identify themselves as part of the Jewish population. There are 1.4 million Arabs in Israel, the vast majority of them Muslims, who are Israeli citizens. Inside Israel, Jews therefore constitute a clear majority, making up almost 80 percent of the population.

But bring the West Bank and Gaza into the equation and the demographics change dramatically. Take the 3.5 million Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza and add them to the 1.4 million Arabs living in Israel, and you get the following result: 5.8 million Jews and 4.9 million Arabs living in the area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

Now factor in significantly higher Arab birth rates and higher Jewish mortality rates, as a result of an older population, and the demographic tipping point is only a few years away, says Sergio DellaPergola, a professor of population studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and one of Israel’s leading demographers. While the fertility rates in Israel are high for a developed country — on average there are 2.7 children per family — they do not come close to those in Gaza, where the average is around 5.5 children per family.

“We are almost at the point of demographic parity,” DellaPergola told IPS. “It is changing every day in favour of the Arabs. It’s dramatic. Arab natural growth is more or less twice that of Jews.”

The demographics, he continues, have political implications. “Will Israel be a Jewish state? Or a bi-national state? You cannot ignore demography.”

Some opponents of the demographic argument insist that the Palestinian figures are inflated. Even if they are, says DellaPergola, this would not dramatically alter the overall demographic trend towards an Arab majority and a Jewish minority between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

Others, especially the Jewish settlers, put their faith in another

I Shall Visit Israel, by Paul Grenville

Posted: 03 Jul 2008 02:27 AM CDT

I shall visit Israel

I shall visit Israel when the olive trees are in blossom

I shall visit Israel when an Arab can marry a Jew

I shall visit Israel when Torah Jews are no longer beaten up in the streets of Jerusalem
for reminding their countrymen of the commandments of Moses

I shall visit Israel when the speaking of Arabic in certain neighbourhoods no longer causes heads to turn

I shall visit Israel when the learning of Arabic is mandatory in Israeli schools

I shall visit Israel when Arab and Jewish children mingle freely in one system of state education

I shall visit Israel when the 7 million refugees from the land of Palestine can choose between a country they can call their own, or compensation for what they lost

I shall visit Israel when the invaders make peace with the invaded (not the other way about)

I shall visit Israel when there is a public apology for the war crimes of 1948

and compensation for the families of the victims

I shall visit Israel when West Bank settlers on stolen land no longer shoot to kill the natives and get off scot free

I shall visit Israel when her soldiers no longer shoot down unarmed children in cold blood and call it a mistake

I shall visit Israel when the Wall is demolished by Israelis and Palestinians together

I shall visit Israel when the house demolitions stop

I shall visit Israel when 600 West Bank checkpoints are taken down and the bullying, humiliation, beating and rape of Palestinian citizens stops

I shall visit Israel when to be born Palestinian is not a reason to be hunted and spied upon

I shall visit Israel when Jews stop arriving from far away and calling it their land

I shall visit Israel when Gaza is no longer the cruel laboratory experiment in slow genocide that it is today

I shall visit Israel when her planes stop bombing and strafing towns in Gaza

and terrifying the people at night with sonic booms

I shall visit Israel when the Lebanon and Gaza are no longer grisly testing grounds for new weapons

I shall visit Israel when Israel ceases to invade her neighbours on the slightest of pretexts and cause devastation

I shall visit Israel when 10,000 Palestinian prisoners are released from jail and pardoned for acts of resistance

against a state that took their country by force of arms and terror

I shall visit Israel when the routine practice of torture in Israeli prisons stops

I shall visit Israel when a Romanian fascist is no longer part of the government

I shall visit Israel when the illegal villages are made legal

I shall visit Israel when the Bedouin of the Negev are no longer persecuted

I shall visit Israel when Arab towns and villages have the same status and funding as Jewish ones

I shall visit Israel when the land is shared by all Semites – Arabs and Jews

I shall visit Israel when the Jewish state is an unhappy memory

I shall visit Israel when Nazi war crimes against the Jews are used to justify every

imaginable cruelty in a land where they are still the uninvited guest…

I shall visit Israel when the name of Israel is no longer another excuse to hate the Jews

Paul Grenville 1st July 2008

Posted: 05 Jul 2008 03:36 AM CDT

Iqbal Tamimi and I urge you to please write to the addresses below to ask for formal investigation on an incident of torture of a child by Israeli soldiers who stormed his house. Abuse and torture is always wrong, but to do it to a child is absolutely evil and cannot remain unchallenged. Not only was he physically and psychologically abused, his family was strip searched, humiliated and their possessions were destroyed. Can we just sit and watch something like this? Can normalisation with Israel happen when something like this IS normal??

Name: Ezzat H
Age at incident: 10
Date of incident: 11 June 2008
Location: Sanniriya, Qalqiliya
Accusation: None

A 10-year-old boy was subjected to physical abuse amounting to torture for 2.5 hours by Israeli soldiers who stormed his family’s shop on 11 June, seeking information on the location of a handgun. The boy was repeatedly beaten, slapped and punched in the head and stomach, forced to hold a stress position for half and hour, and threatened. He was deeply shocked and lost two molar teeth as a result of the assault.

On Wednesday 11 June 2008, at around 10:30am, 10-year-old Ezzat, his brother Makkawi (7) and sister Lara (8) were in their father’s shop selling animal feed and eggs in the village of Sanniriya, near the West Bank city of Qalqiliya. The children were suddenly startled to see two Israeli soldiers storm in to the shop.

Interrogation and abuse in the shop

One soldier wearing a black T-shirt started shouting in a loud, menacing voice in Arabic, “your father sent us to you to collect his gun”. A terrified Ezzat responded, “My father does not own a gun”. The soldier responded by slapping Ezzat hard across the right cheek and his brother Makawi across his face. The soldier then ordered Makkawi and Lara to leave the shop. Once the younger children had left the soldier demanded once again that Ezzat hand over his father’s gun. Although Ezzat repeated that his father did not own a gun the soldier ordered him to search for it in the sacks containing the animal feed. Ezzat kept insisting that there was no gun in the shop so the soldier slapped him once again, this time across his left cheek.

One of Ezzat’s friends, realising that something was wrong, tried to enter the shop but was kicked by the soldier standing at the door and prevented from entering. Soon a group of local people had gathered outside the shop. Some of the people in the group also tried to enter the shop but were prevented from doing so by the soldier at the door.

The soldier in the black T-shirt asked him once again to produce the gun. Ezzat answered, “We do not have anything”. The soldier responded by punching him hard in the stomach causing Ezzat to fall over on to empty egg boxes. Ezzat started screaming and crying out from pain and fear. The soldier in the black T-shirt started making fun of Ezzat and imitated him crying. Ezzat remained in the shop alone with the soldiers for a further 15 minutes when the soldier in black abruptly grabbed him by his T-shirt and dragged him out of the shop. Ezzat asked the soldier if he could lock up his father’s shop but the soldier said he wanted it to remain open so that it could be robbed. The soldier also threatened to put Ezzat in his jeep and take him away.

Once they were out of the shop, Ezzat was ordered to walk in front of the soldiers to his house, whilst a gun was pointed at his back. The soldiers hit him several times on the nape along the way. On approaching his house Ezzat saw many Israeli military officials surrounding the house and a number of green military vehicles parked outside. One of the olive coloured jeeps had the word “police” written on it.

Interrogation and abuse in the home

After arriving at the family’s home the soldier in the black T-shirt stood Ezzat in the yard and ordered him to search the flower basin for the gun. Before Ezzat had a chance to respond the soldier slapped him so violently that Ezzat fell down face first into the basin. Without giving him the chance to stand up the soldier grabbed him by his T-shirt and lifted him up roughly. He was then instructed in Arabic by another soldier to head to the guestroom.

On approaching the guestroom Ezzat could see his father standing by the door. The soldier slapped him on the neck and Ezzat fell to the ground. As Ezzat stood up the soldier slapped him a second time making him fall to the ground once again. All this happened in front of his father. He then grabbed Ezzat by his T-shirt and lifted him in to the air. The soldier told Ezzat’s father that he was going to take his son to prison. He also threatened to take Ezzat’s 19-year-old sister to prison. Ezzat was then pushed forcibly in to the guest room where his mother and four of his other siblings including his sisters Diana (19), Raghda (18), (Aya) 15 and brother Jihad (3), were being he