Israeli occupation is the worst in the history of colonialism
NEW YORK, (PIC)– Jean Ziegler, the UN special rapporteur on right to food, castigated the Israeli occupation and described it as the only “colonial regime” which refuses to abide by any international law, calling on the UN to adopt an effective policy forcing Israel to respect human rights and the Geneva Convention.

“The Israeli occupation is a colonial regime and an illegal military occupation from the UN’s point of view, it continues to annex more Palestinian lands; and thus the Israeli occupation is the worst in the history of colonialism,” Ziegler stated in a TV interview.

The UN official underlined that the Israeli occupation is causing starvation, physical and psychological oppression to the Palestinian people, but he noted that there is Palestinian resistance, questioning the reason behind the EU’s complicity with the Israeli occupation and why US funds are protecting this occupation.

The rapporteur described the EU countries as completely “hypocritical” because they refused the results of democratic elections supervised by them after they saw that the winner is Hamas, pointing out that the Europeans should have the bare minimum of principles.

Ziegler pointed out that the human situation in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank is deteriorated, because the UN statistics revealed that 65 percent of the population of the West Bank are suffering from malnutrition; besides, the Gaza Strip, which is inhabited by more than 1.5 million people has turned into a big prison as a result of the Israeli siege imposed on it


The illegal and immoral Israeli regime is–next to the U.S.–the world’s #1 terrorist state.

It is engaged in the systematic ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinians thru starvation, denial of medicine, the cutting off of drinking water and the usual sadistic tactics of the ZOF (ZIONIST OCCUPATION FORCE) which is murder.

All the while the depraved Israeli regime goes about its state mandated, American funded Palestinian genocide, Zionist lackeys, shills and propaganda specialists in America keep painting Israel as the victim.

A victim that has the world’s 4th largest armed forces, between 300-400 nuclear weapons, and both missiles and submarines to deliver these nuclear loads.

So refined are the Zionist propaganda techniques that many fall for the BS line about how poor Israel is just barely hanging on, trying to stave off elimination by its neighbors.

Truth is that it’s Israel that is trying to eliminate its neighbors, thru theft of lands, the murder of their citizens and living under the constant threat of being wiped off the face of the earth by Israeli nuclear weapons.

That is the true Israel: A nation of blood thirsty homicidal maniacs, existing only by stealing the wealth, land and water of its neighbors.
And willing to do anything, even commit murder on a mass scale, to accomplish its heinous deeds.


FOR THE TWELFTH TIME ! israel demolishes Arab village in Negev
What kind of monster does it take to destroy a village TWELVE TIMES?

The israeli kind.

Israeli authorities demolished on Wednesday morning all houses, tin-houses, in the unrecognized Arab village of Taweel Abu Jaroul, in the Negev, for the twelfth time, and uploaded all the belongings of the residents on eight trucks before dumping them in a nearly trash-yard.

Local sources reported that policemen took the identity card of Aqeel Al Talalqa, head of the village council, and took his car keys in order bar him from leaving the village to ask for help or to object to the authorities.

Al Talalqa appealed all popular institutions to intervene and aid the residents of village, and stated that the villagers insist to remain steadfast in their lands.

He also told the police officers that the villagers will rebuild their houses since they are built on their lands, and challenged the Israeli official claims which state that the village’s houses are constructed on state lands.

Al Talalqa added that the residents installed tin-houses and tents immediately after the police left the area and that they will remain in their lands, and will not negotiate with the Israeli government as long as it continues its illegal acts of demolishing.

He appealed human rights groups to provide the homeless residents with tents and voiced an appeal to all Arab residents in the Negev to unite against the organized attacks that target their villages and presence in the area.

It is worth mentioning that after demolishing the houses in the village, the police headed to Al Araqeeb nearby area, and attempted to demolish the house of Sheikh Sabah Al Toury, but he managed to obtain a decision from the Israeli district court to delay the demolishing for ten days.

Hasan Rafay’a, head of the Regional Council of the Unrecognized Villages in the Negev, stated that Israel, and extremist Jewish groups, are attacking the Arab villages in the Negev, although the residents own the lands.

He added that Al Talalqa family owns 22.000 Dunams of land, and that the Israeli policy is to overtake all Arab lands.

“We will remain steadfast, we will rebuild; demolishing and intimidation practiced by the government will not resolve any problem, and will only lead to undesired results”, Rafay’a stated, “The Israeli government must negotiate with is instead of attacking us, and must act to resolve our problems instead of dictating its own decisions”.

Fat chance.

Which reminds me, why do dogs lick their privates?

Because they can.

Orchestrated Panic

1 November 2007

Yitzhak Laor

1967: Israel, the War and the Year That Transformed the Middle East by Tom Segev, translated by Jessica Cohen

The 1967 war changed the lives of Israelis and made Palestinian lives hell. Shortly after it, Israel’s Labour prime minister, Levi Eshkol, a relative moderate, approved the colonisation of the West Bank. The Labour Party never really opposed the process, though for years it seemed to have its doubts. That way of carrying on – appearing indecisive, sounding hesitant, while acting decisively, even aggressively – is a key component of Israeli politics. Eshkol tended to be scornful about the process he’d set in motion. In his favourite language, Yiddish, he said that Israel was thought of as a `nebichdike Shimsen’ (`pitiful Samson’). For years the Israeli soldier has been depicted this way, as a conscience-stricken man who doesn’t really want to become a hero but has no choice.

Since 1967 Labour men and women in
various parts of the state apparatus, from
the military to the Jewish Agency, have done
everything in their power to deepen Israel’s
hold over the Occupied Territories, even
when it meant creating a Golem in the new
guise of the settler. The `project’ was a success
and lies today like a knife at the throat
of all Israelis. It would be easy to characterise
the behaviour of Israeli politicians
and generals as uniquely foolish, informed
by a lust for land that was always greater
than the country’s ability to swallow the
chunks they grabbed. Yet all Israelis – from
the generals and politicians of all parties
down to the `man in the street’ – seem driven
by the conviction that the more we have
the better off we are. Any `concession’ we
then make, even if it’s a few acres, seems to
be a magnanimous sacrifice, as if it had belonged
to us in the first place. Such is the
settler morality.
In his excellent book, which reads like a
Bildungsroman of a generation that lost its
soul, Tom Segev accurately depicts Israel’s
1967 politicians and generals as irrational,
aggressive and hungry for power. His research
– which took in an immense quantity
of minutes from contemporary meetings
– uncovers surprises. Even he seems disappointed
at what he found. There are numerous
examples of the drive for land appropriation
among the generals. Moshe Dayan,
minister of defence during the war, ruled
out `occupation of the Golan Heights, including
the Banias, for fear of a Soviet response.
Political considerations also motivated
him not to approach the Suez Canal.’
But as everyone knows, the IDF did reach
the Suez Canal and it occupied the Golan
Heights. Was it the army’s innate disobedience
that drove generals to take decisions
and change plans while running down the
enemy? The fame of the IDF is based on precisely
such a violent, brainless glorification
of tactics at the expense of strategy. It’s
known in the jargon as a `rolling operation’.
It was inconceivable to defend our
country by preventing wars; there was only
ever the thought of rumbling across borders,
as in the fiasco last summer in
It is also from the example of Gaza that
hunger for territory goes hand in hand with
the attempt to empty it of its inhabitants.
Ever since it captured Gaza, Israel has tried
to diminish it by starvation and suffocation,
driving residents to emigrate. Segev has
some stunning evidence about this. `I want
them all to go, even if they go to the moon,’
Eshkol told Ada Sereni, whom he had appointed
head of a committee briefed to rid
Gaza of its Palestinians. Because this failed,
Gaza is today a hunger-stricken ghetto. The
West’s obsession with Hamas’s ascendancy
is a result of Western refusal to see Israel’s
age-old policy for what it is: the aim has always
been to seize the maximum amount of
land while inheriting a minimum number
of Palestinians.
And there were times when the politicians
outdid the generals. In November
1966, the IDF went on a `retaliation operation’
in a West Bank village by the name of
Samua, a few kilometres south of Hebron.
They ordered the villagers out, blew up
dozens of houses and killed more civilians
than they at first admitted. There was a
wave of condemnations. The Palestinians
in Jordan demonstrated; inside Israel a
sense of shame vied with enthusiastic
praise for the courage of the army. Among
many postmortems there was a secret discussion
by intelligence officials about Israeli
interests in the West Bank. Taking part
were high-level figures in Mossad, military
intelligence and the Foreign Ministry
(which runs its own intelligence). All
agreed that occupying the West Bank would
be a mistake for Israel. When the time came
for Eshkol to make the decision, in 1967,
these conclusions were common knowledge
in the military. The prime minister
knew of them too, and understood that taking
control of the West Bank would mean
placing a million Pales

wake up people

itizen stuns congresswoman: “Why should we divide Iraq for israel?”

This is awesome!

The guy is brilliant.

A member of the audience at a townhall meeting in LA confronts congresswoman Watson and a retired general with Walt and Mearsheimer’s book and demands a response from both as to why America should support dividing Iraq for the benefit of israel.

Look and learn, people!

He does an amazing job of putting their feet to the fire.

The problem you have in America now is that you have the pro-israel lobby, that Walt and Mearsheimer have written about in their best selling book “The Israel Lobby” and US foreign Policy . . . again, it’s on the best seller list . . . there’s basically a media blackout of it . . . but, until we address this issue – both parties are owned by the AIPAC Lobby – the American-israeli Public Affairs Committee.”

And I have a British parliamentarian now who is a former British defense [minister] and he’s willing to address the book in the House of Commons.

Now, I presented this question to congresswoman Harman last week and she dodged it.

If I give you the book right here, congresswoman Watson, would you address the book like I’ve got people in the UK to do in the British government?

[passes book over to Watson, who by then is squirming at her seat on the panel]

And lastly, I’ve given Maxine Waters James Bamford’s “A Pretext for War” book as well, last year. It conveys how we went to war for israel.

And the question I have for General Eaton is, sir – the plan that you are talking about with congressman Biden, that’s just the old israeli plan by Oded Yinon of divide and conquer the enemies of israel – you can read about it on the web.

Why should we fractionalize an Arab country for the benefit of israel? We have so much intermarriage there between shia and sunni, that it’s not going to work.

We have to get out of Iraq, and get out of Iraq NOW.”

This of course, is followed by mad applause from the audience, leaving Watson and Eaton stunned and silent.

I only wish that there was more to the video – so I could see them squirm!

This is precisely what we need in America –



President Ahmadinejad Delivers Remarks at Columbia University
President Ahmadinejad Delivers Remarks at Columbia University

CQ Transcripts Wire
Monday, September 24, 2007; 4:25 PM

SEPTEMBER 24, 2007



AHMADINEJAD (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): In the name of God, the compassionate, the merciful…

TRANSLATOR: The president is reciting verses from the holy Koran in Arabic.

AHMADINEJAD (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): Oh, God, hasten the arrival of Imam al-Mahdi and grant him good health and victory and make us his followers and those to attest to his rightfulness.

Distinguished Dean, dear professors and students, ladies and gentlemen, at the outset I would like to extend my greetings to all of you. I am grateful to the almighty God for providing me with the opportunity to be in an academic environment, those seeking truth and striving for the promotion of science and knowledge.

At the outset I want to complain a bit from the person who read this political statement against me. In Iran tradition requires that when we demand a person to invite to be a speaker we actually respect our students and the professors by allowing them to make their own judgment and we don’t think it’s necessary before this speech is even given to come in with a series of claims…


… and to attempt in a so-called manner to provide vaccination of some sort to our students and our faculty.

I think the text read by the dear gentleman here, more than addressing me, was an insult to information and the knowledge of the audience here, present here. In a university environment we must allow people to speak their mind, to allow everyone to talk so that the truth is eventually revealed by all.

Certainly he took more than all the time I was allocated to speak, and that’s fine with me. We’ll just leave that to add up with the claims of respect for freedom and the freedom of speech that’s given to us in this country.

Many parts of his speech, there were many insults and claims that were incorrect, regretfully.

AHMADINEJAD (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): Of course, I think that he was affected by the press, the media, and the political, sort of, mainstream line that you read here that goes against the very grain of the need for peace and stability in the world around us.

Nonetheless, I should not begin by being affected by this unfriendly treatment. I will tell you what I have to say, and then the questions he can raise and I’ll be happy to provide answers. But as for one of the issues that he did raise, I most certainly would need to elaborate further so that we, for ourselves, can see how things fundamentally work.

It was my decision in this valuable forum and meeting to speak with you about the importance of knowledge, of information, of education. Academics and religious scholars are shining torches who shed light in order to remove darkness. And the ambiguities around us in guiding humanity out of ignorance and perplexity.

The key to the understanding of the realities around us rests in the hands of the researchers, those who seek to discover areas that are hidden, the unknown sciences, the windows of realities that they can open is done only through efforts of the scholars and the learned people in this world.

AHMADINEJAD (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): With every effort there is a window that is opened, and one reality is discovered. Whenever the high stature of science and wisdom is preserved and the dignity of scholars and researchers are respected, humans have taken great strides toward their material and spiritual promotion.

In contrast, whenever learned people and knowledge have been neglected, humans have become stranded in the darkness of ignorance and negligence.

If it were not for human instinct, which tends toward continual discovery of truth, humans would have always remained stranded in ignorance and no way would not have discovered how to improve the life that we are given.

The nature of man is, in fact, a gift granted by the Almighty to all. The Almighty led mankind into this world and granted him wisdom and knowledge as his prime gift enabling him to know his God.

In the story of Adam, a conversation occurs between the Almighty and his angels. The angels call human beings an ambitious and merciless creature and protested against his creation.

But the Almighty responded, quote, “I have knowledge of what you are ignorant of,” unquote. Then the Almighty told Adam the truth. And on the order of the Almighty, Adam revealed it to the angels.

The angels could not understand the truth as revealed by the human being.

AHMADINEJAD (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): The Almighty said to them, quote, “Did not I say that I am aware of what is hidden in heaven and in the universe?” unquote.

In this way the angels prostrated themselves before Adam.

In the mission of all divine prophets, the first sermons were of the words of God, and those words —

The Fed: One Ring to Rule Them All

One proverbial Ring unleashes every resource on our planet – both human and natural – and the Fed presently controls it.

Time is running out for humanity. If we don’t act now to wrest this extraordinary power from the Fed’s evil grip, we may lose Middle-earth forever to the forces of darkness.
The Federal Reserve was forged by Senators Sauron and Aldrich in 1913 to “bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.” OK, actually it was created by a group of evil banking wizards on a 1910 duck hunting trip, as all “regulatory agencies” are always summoned into existence by the criminal elements of the industries that they “regulate.” The Fed does, however, function in much the same manner as the One Ring:

The Fed magically drains real wealth from those who use its creations. Since 1913 it has vampired 95% of the value out of the dollar, and thus out of those foolish enough to use the dollar as a “store of value.”

The Fed allows the transfer of this wealth and power to the Dark Lords of foreign lands (under the Monetary Control Act of 1980). The Fed can, and does, simply print tens of billions of dollars to buy the worthless bonds of any dictatorial regime on Earth. This is called “monetizing foreign debt,” and is very helpful to many of the Orcish governments.

* * *

In 1933, the Fed magically stole all the gold from the bank vaults of the nation and moved it into darkness (a darkness so complete that the gold has not been audited since the 1950s). . . .

Today, the Fed detaches the military-entertainment complex from the need to openly pass war taxes through Congress. They simply print as many dollars as they want, reducing the value of all other dollars proportionately. The purpose of taxes is just to maintain a demand for depreciating dollars, since everyone needs them to send to the IRS.

* * *

The Fed performs no productive economic function. All it does is increase the fluctuations in the value of the medium of exchange. Thanks to the “fractional reserve” nature of the Fed, it can’t even accurately control its own destructive powers.

* * *

Visa, Discover, Paypal, Ikobo, etc. etc. are all perfectly capable of electronically transferring any form of fully-backed private money around. The ancient “check-clearing” system of the Fed is ridiculous and redundant; why should money travel slower than the speed of light?

So the ONLY REASONABLE SOLUTION is obvious to students of the Fed: send a multicultural task force to throw the cursed thing into an active volcano.

Once the Fed is destroyed, monetary life could return to normal. US political strife would be reduced as well, since there would no longer be an all-powerful economic prize for the winning faction.

Bernanke, however, wants to keep his Precious.
I couldn’t have said it better myself.

The time has come when every man and woman will have to make a choice between good or evil. There is no standing still; there will be no neutral ground.

LET THE PEOPLE RISE and in the name of all that is good rid humanity of this cursed Fed – once and for all.